Gloria Gallo Award

Gloria Gallo Research Award

In 2009, a new RPS award to honor Gloria Gallo's contributions to the field of renal pathology and her role in the RPS and KUFA was sponsored jointly by KUFA and RPS. The award will be presented annually at the ASN-RPS business meeting (or the following USCAP if the awardee is not present at the ASN). Call for nominations will be announced in early to mid September and close 14 days following the official announcement. The award will be presented by the chair of the Nominations and Awards Committee at the RPS business meeting held at the annual ASN meeting. The KUFA leadership will be invited to attend the presentation of the award. A minimum of 3 nominations should be received for consideration of the award. In 2012, the RPS Board of Directors agreed to bestow the Gallo Award every 2 years and not on an annual basis.

Once the nomination deadline is met, the Chair of the Nominations and Awards Committee will share all the nominations with the abstract submissions with the Chair of the Research Committee.

Following evaluations from both the Chairs and their committee members, the Chair of the Nominations and Awards Committee will collate the results and announce the winner.


  1. Nominee must be an RPS member no older than 45 years by December 31st of the year in which the award would be presented
  2. Impact of the nominee's research (basic, translational, and/or clinical) on the field of renal pathology should be included in a cover letter stating why the candidate is deserving the award, and a copy of the candidate's CV should be sent to the chair of Nominations & awards committee.
  3. Regular RPS members can nominate a candidate who meets the award criteria


2013 Samih Nasr Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
2012 Banu Sis, MD University of Alberta, Canada
2011 Glen Markowitz, MD Columbia University, New York
2010 Laura Barisoni-Thomas NYU
2009 Michael Mengel The University of Alberta

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