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Fred Silva, M.D. and Others

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Nephropath Atlas of Diabetes, Volume 1 contains a detailed microscopic overview of the major pathologic lesions seen in diabetic nephropathy (DN). DN describes a number of renal functional and morphologic changes caused by Diabetes Mellitus (DM), as observed in type I and type II DM. It is estimated that approximately 25-35% of patients with long-standing diabetes mellitus develop diabetic nephropathy and renal failure. As a result of these changes, diabetes is the most common cause of end-stage kidney disease in the United States, accounting for 1/3 to ½ of patients on dialysis. Furthermore, patients with diabetic nephropathy have a higher frequency of co-morbid complications, such as cardiovascular disease and retinopathy. Volume 1 of this atlas includes the major renal biopsy lesions of DN including: glomerular capillary loop thickening, mesangial matrix expansion and nodule formation, mesangiolysis and microaneurysms, and fibrillar and protein droplet lesions. Immunofluorescent and ultrastructural lesions are also shown in detail. Finally, a detailed reference list that includes both historical and recent literature completes the volume. This work represents the combined effort of the physicians and staff of Nephropath who provide same day biopsy turnaround including light, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy on thousands of diagnostic renal biopsies each year.

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