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Membership Renewal

This is a tutorial page only

A) Log in at RPS website

1) Log in at RPS Website (www.renalpathsoc.org):

2) After you are logged in, you will see a screen where a notification [Membership Renewal Pending] will show at the bottom right of your screen:

3) Click on Membership renewal pending notification and your online invoice will appear on your screen:

4) Click on the green button VIEW / PAY INVOICE and the following screen will be like this:

5) Click on PAY ONLINE and the following screen will let you finalize your payment:

B) Email reminder

If you receive a reminder email asking you to renew your membership, please follow the next steps.  

1) The reminder email will look like this. Click on the green banner :Renew your membership

2) If you are not automatically logged in, then log in using the following screen (otherwise, skip to step 3):

3) An invoice must be automatically generated by the system. In the event that is not generated, you will see a screen like this: (otherwise, skip to step 4). Please send an email to secretary@renalpathsoc.org  and the invoice will be sent to your email address.

4) If the invoice was automatically generated by the system, you will see a screen like the following. Just click on VIEW/PAY INVOICE:

5) The invoice will be available for printing purposes (in case you need it to get the money to pay) or just click on PAY ONLINE if you want to pay using your Credit Card or your Paypal account. If you wish to pay offline, please email to treasurer@renalpathsoc.org to get instructions of how to proceed:

6) Once you clicked on PAY ONLINE, a Paypal screen will open with payment options:

At anytime, if you have any question or require additional support, you can contact:

Office of the Secretary

Office of the Treasurer

IT support

About RPS

The RPS promotes excellence in diagnosis, fosters basic, clinical and translational research, encourages training and education in renal disease, sponsors US based and international conferences and symposia, and brings news and updates pertaining to renal pathology to its members around the world.


Office of the Secretary

Virginie Royal, MD

Office of the Treasurer

Kuang-Yu Jen, MD, PhD

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Mailing address: 1440 W. Taylor St. # 734, Chicago, IL, USA   Fax: +1 (312) 281-0029

Copyright Renal Pathology Society © 2018. - Privacy Policy

Mailing address: 1440 W. Taylor St. # 734, Chicago, IL, USA   Fax: +1 (312) 281-0029

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