RPS Sponsorship of Educational Meetings




  1. There are two types of sponsorship with which the RPS may be involved:
    1. RPS name and financial support
    2. RPS name without financial support
  2. Financing meetings

    Annually at the USCAP BOD meeting, the board of directors will determine the maximum amount of monies to be set aside for meeting sponsorship. This should include funds for:

    1. USCAP Companion meeting speaker support
    2. Other potential RPS sponsored meetings

Rules for Sponsorship (exclusive of ASN and USCAP annual meetings)


  1. Requests for sponsorship, with or without funding, should:
    1. Be submitted prior to or during the meeting planning phase
    2. Be at least 30 days prior to the next USCAP or ASN BOD meeting for inclusion on the agenda
    3. Include the Meeting:
      1. Title, target audience and number of potential attendees
      2. Time and place
      3. Amount of financial support requested, if any
      4. Requested extent of RPS participation
    4. Trigger the RPS secretary to acknowledge the request and communicate the rules and requirements for sponsorship so expectations are clear
  2. Requirements for sponsorship include:
    1. An RPS member as part of the organizing committee for the requested meeting
    2. The RPS logo and an acknowledgement of RPS support be included in the meeting announcements and documents
    3. At least one RPS member as a speaker at the meeting
  3. The request for sponsorship/proposal will be:
    1. Sent to the RPS secretary, who will include it in the next BOD agenda
      1. Input will be requested from the Education and Research committees
    2. The sponsorship request will be discussed formally at the next BOD meeting
    3. Approval requires a majority vote of the BOD members (4/7)
    4. If funds are available, the BOD may elect to:
      1. Support non-RPS members to speak at USCAP-RPS Companion meetings 
      2. Provide some support for organizing an RPS sponsored meeting
      3. Give priority to meetings for which RPS members have reduced registration