The Jacob Churg Award plaque is presented annually at the USCAP RPS dinner to an individual who has made major contributions to the field of nephropathology. The award was established by Barnert Hospital where Dr. Churg spent a substantial portion of his career prior to his retirement in 1996. Awardees are nominated by RPS members and selected by the Nominations and Awards Committee. Send nominations to Nominating and Awards Committee Chair, following a formal announcement sent by the RPS Secretary in early to mid January. Nominations close 14 days following the official call for nominations.


Please include:

  1. A letter from the nominator detailing the contributions and accomplishments of the nominee.
  2. CV of the nominee.


Previous recipients

Year Recipient
2017 Stephen Bonsib
2016 Parmjeet Randhawa
2015 Ian S. Roberts
2014 Surya V. Seshan
2013 H. Terence Cook
2012 Mark Haas
2011 Helen Liapis
2010 Cynthia Nast
2009 Lorraine Racusen
2008 Gary S. Hill
2007 Seymour Rosen
2006 Helmut Rennke
2005 Arthur Cohen
2004 Michael Kashgarian
2003 Charlie Alpers
2002 Fred Silva
2001 Melvin Schwartz
2000 Vivette D'Agati
1999 Agnes Fogo
1998 Robert B. Colvin
1997 J. Charles Jennette