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Non-profit organization committed to improvement and dissemination of knowledge regarding the pathology and pathophysiology of renal disease

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

September: Women in Medicine Month

- Dr. Lois Arend

September is Women in Medicine Month and in 2023 we feature a long time RPS member and current president, Dr. Lois Arend.  Dr. Arend is currently Associate Professor of Pathology at Johns Hopkins University, Associate Director of the Renal Pathology diagnostic service, Director of the Renal Pathology fellowship, and Director of the Pathology Department Clinical Fellowship program.  Dr. Arend has served the RPS on various committees including Nominating and Awards, Finance, Membership, and Program.  Dr. Arend also served as the RPS representative on the ASN Kidney Week Program committee in 2003.


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Case of the Month - August 2023

A pediatric nephritic syndrome

Lame Balikani, MD, MPH1 - Laura Biederman, MD2

1. Department of Pathology, Robert J. Tomsich-Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio

2. Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, USA Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio, USA

RPS Meeting & Reception

during ASN Kidney Week 2023, Philadelphia, PA, November 2nd, 2023

Philadelphia Marriott Hotel, USA

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On behalf of the Nominating and Awards Committee, please join us to congratulate our new RPS Secretary for 2024-2026:

Dr. Mei Lin Bissonnette

Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia and

Director of the BC Provincial Renal Pathology Laboratory at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. 

Her commitment to the RPS was recognized by the RPS members that submitted their ballots.

Thank you for casting your vote and getting involved in the future of the RPS!

History Topics of 5th IRPC

Charles Jenette                     Helen Liapis                 Matija Horacek  

ISN funding opportunities for international fellows - check Jobs/Fellowships page for more details

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About RPS

The RPS promotes excellence in diagnosis, fosters basic, clinical and translational research, encourages training and education in renal disease, sponsors US based and international conferences and symposia, and brings news and updates pertaining to renal pathology to its members around the world.

Mailing address:

1440 W. Taylor St. # 734, Chicago, IL USA, Fax: (312) 281-0029


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Virginie Royal, MD

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Kuang-Yu Jen, MD, PhD

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